Bob Bly, author of 80+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals how you can …

Get More of Your Customers to Renew Their Subscriptions … Service Contracts … and Retainers for Your Products and Services – Year after Year!

The quickest and most effective way to increase your gross sales isn’t making new sales – it’s getting existing customers to renew their current product and service subscriptions.

Copywriters: Why Aren’t You Writing Renewal Series for up to $9,000 a Pop?

Dear Marketer or Copywriter:

Most businesses focus their marketing almost exclusively on getting new customers and making new sales.

In doing so, they ignore the most important source of revenue and profits: convincing existing customers to renew their current subscriptions and contracts -- year after year.

Most copywriters today, for example, have never written a renewal letter or series in their lives … or a collection letter … and that’s where my friend Robert Lerose and I part company with the thundering herds…..

Because Robert and I between us have written many dozens of successful renewal and billing letters and series for clients ranging from Personal Finance and Machine Design -- to Consumer Reports and Forbes.

Why should you learn the art and science of writing letters and e-mails that send renewal rates through the roof?

** If you are a COPYWRITER, renewals can be one of your best assignments, for two reasons.

First, there is a formula to writing renewals. Once you know the formula and practice it a bit, you can churn out successful renewal series much faster and easier than writing other types of copy.

Second, the pay is good. Yes, you might be paid $1,000 to write one renewal letter or notice. But with the average series having 7 to 9 efforts, that’s a paycheck of $7,000 to $9,000 – a pretty penny by my standards, anyway.

** If you are a marketer, improving your renewal letters can produce the quickest and easiest money you can make – adding many thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Any product consumers purchase based on an annual subscription or contract – everything from magazines and newsletters, to insurance policies and software, to association and club memberships.

Do the math: You charge $100 a year for a subscription to your product. You rewrite your renewal series according to Robert’s instructions -- and generate an additional one thousand renewals.

Result: an extra $100,000 in your pocket – over 2,500 times more than your investment in our Renewal Marketing Magic audio course!

Writing renewal letters that make money hand over fist.

In our new audio home study course, Renewal Marketing Magic, Robert Lerose and I answer all the key questions you want to know about renewal marketing but maybe didn’t ever ask. Including:

  • What is a renewal?
  • Why are renewals important?
  • Aside from magazines and newsletters, what other products or services need or use renewals?
  • What is an acceptable renewal rate? A good one? A great one?
  • How many renewals should be sent to the subscriber?
  • When should they be sent? What is the schedule and timing—and why?
  • Are renewal notices paper or e-mail? Or a mix?
  • For renewal letters in the mail, what length is best? One page? Two pages? More? Less?
  • Is a letter the best format for direct mail renewal? Why not just send a bill—why would I need a letter?
  • What’s the psychology and progression of a renewal series?
  • Do we increase the sense of urgency as we approach expiration date of the subscription, and if so how?
  • What are the key trigger points in renewal copy? “Renew now before price goes up? Don’t miss a single issue? Don’t miss new features? Lock in today’s low rate?” Other?
  • How much of renewal copy is emotional (i.e. this magazine will change your life) vs. logical (i.e. act now and get it for just 57 cents per issue)?
  • What are the keys to writing GREAT renewals like you do? How much do you have to dig into the publication’s USP and contents?
  • What is an early bird or advance renewal? What is the timing? Number of pages? Format? Delivery method?
  • Must I offer a special incentive like a bonus or discount with my early bird?
  • What is an “expire effort”? When is it sent? How does it work?
  • What should the renewal outer envelope look like?
  • Should all the renewal efforts in a series be the same size and look or wildly different?
  • And so much more….

Bill and grow rich!

Many renewal efforts use a soft offer, meaning the subscriber can renew today and ask to be billed later. This is known as a “soft offer” or “bill-me offer.”

The advantage of the soft offer is that it usually generates a higher response rate for the renewal series.

The disadvantage is that the marketer doesn’t get “cash with renewal order,” and so now must collect what he is owed by the customer … and that is done with billing letters!

In Renewal Marketing Magic, Robert Lerose, an experienced billing series copywriter, shares his tips for writing billing letters that get customers to pay.

Including: What is a billing series? -- Why do you need billing letters – why not just send the invoice? -- How many letters or “efforts” should you use in a billing series? – What percentage of customers eventually pay up? – Ideal length and size of a billing letter – Key arguments used in billing letters to motivate the subscriber to pay up – and so much more.

In addition, the free bonus reports that come with this program (see my P.S. below) give you other ideas for improving renewal rates, pay-ups, and collections.

Result: your customers pay you the money they owe you – and stick with you as paid subscribers for years!

Send your renewal rates through the roof--now!

Over the past 25 years, I have made millions of dollars from my freelance copywriting business – and a nice chunk of that money was earned writing renewals and billing series.

In Renewal Marketing Magic, Robert Lerose and I spill all the beans – and share with you our best strategies for writing winning renewal and collection letter series in our combined half century of copywriting experience.

Now, to hire Robert or me to write a renewal series for you could, depending on the number of efforts, cost $5,000 to $9,000 or more. Even copy for just one renewal letter or e-mail could run $750 to $1,000 and up.

But you won’t pay $9,000 … or $1,000 … or even $100 to master our battle-tested methods for increasing renewals and pay-ups.

You’ll invest just $49 to listen to our new audio learning program, Renewal Marketing Magic. That’s less than I charge for just 10 minutes of my time.

And that’s what it costs you ONLY if our renewal and billing ideas work for you.

If they don’t, the cost is zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada….

Try it risk-free for 90 days

That’s right. If, after reviewing Renewal Marketing Magic, you are dissatisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 90 days.

You’ll get a full product refund – no questions asked. And you can keep the mp3 file for the program on your PC or iPod with my compliments ... my way of saying “thanks” for giving Renewal Marketing Magic a listen.

That way, you risk nothing. So, what are you waiting for?

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Bob Bly

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** FREE Bonus Report #1: Secrets to Improving Renewal Rates (value: $9). In this special report, you will discover: top 12 premiums for boosting subscription, renewal, and pay-up rates … 6 profitable strategies for generating advance renewals … why it makes sense to give a reason WHY you are offering a renewal discount … 4 tips for improving results from collection letters … 6 tips for choosing an outside collection agency … and more.

** FREE Bonus Report #2: How to Market Subscription Newsletters and Other Information Products ($29). Covers: the 5 most common mistakes in subscription marketing and how to avoid them (page 3) … what’s working in subscription premiums today (p. 35) … 6 common reasons why subscription newsletters fail (p. 10) … making your offer make sense (p. 14) … how to make your newsletter the one your readers cannot live without (p. 28) … secrets to selling information in the information age (p. 32) … and more.

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